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putting your values to work

"William provides valuable insights and tools for you to embark on your own creative journey and to rediscover the soul of your business."

Mark Thompson, Senior Vice President Charles Schwab Electronic Brokerage

"William manages to do the nearly impossible -- taking topics as ethereal as spirituality and elusive as creativity, and transforming them into practical tools for revitalising organisations."

Jim Kouzes,
Chairman of Tom Peters Learning Systems,
Co-author of
The Leadership Challenge

"William Miller offers a treasure trove of inspiration and practical ways to develop your personal creativity and encourage innovation in your organization. Guaranteed to stimulate great ideas."

Joyce Wycoff, founder of the Innovation Network, and author of Mindmapping: Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem-Solving





The power to shape our own destiny is more in our own hands than ever before. As Alan Kay, a former Fellow of Apple Computer, once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” We are an intimate part of this creation, and as such we share in its creative nature. “Awakening the Creator within” means discovering deep, spiritual purpose in life and bringing ourselves fully, creatively, and heartfully to everything we do.


Over the years, our clients have asked us to assist them in shaping their destiny and inventing their future. To help achieve this, we offer a variety of services focused on three essential issues:

  • Values-Centered Innovationtm: Putting Your Values to Work. Innovation is both an art and a discipline. As an art, it's a collaborative human endeavor. As a discipline, it has processes and principles that can be learned and practiced. Values play a critical role in both. When using GCC's values-centered methodologies, you will be tapping into your employees' greatest source of energy and inspiration, while empowering your work teams to focus on common priorities and fostering a positive climate and culture for innovation.

  • What’s Your Innovation Style? - Bringing Out the Innovative Best in Yourself and Others. Innovation Styles® is a proven, practical “innovation booster” to help you optimize your innovativeness as an individual, group, or organization. It includes a personalized self-assessment plus insightful feedback (learn more at www.innovationstyles.com). GCC combines Innovation Styles with its own model of the innovation process, “The Creative Journey.” Together, they help you discover more innovative solutions to your challenges while practicing greater team synergy.

  • Flash of Brilliance: Inspiring and Leading a Spirited, Innovative Learning Organization. Spirit and passion fuel innovation as much as talent and brainpower. To be leaders of innovation, executives and managers must first embody and practice three core competencies: exercising integrity, encouraging innovation, and expanding intelligence (mental, emotional, and spiritual). GCC employs its own “Strategic Innovation Managementtm Assessment Profile” (SIMAPtm) to monitor how well leaders are doing what it takes to foster the innovative forefront of their industry.

  • Fostering a Culture for Values-Centered Innovationtm. Two themes stand out for any executive group that intends to foster a culture for innovation: "Be the culture before you create the culture" and "Design the process of culture change as carefully as you would with any new major product or service introduction." There are 10 key success factors for fostering a culture for innovation - and each poses tough questions to executives about their own readiness to lead their employees to be more innovative in every aspect of their work.

For each of these issues, we provide the following services:



Peppered with his own unique wit and wisdom, William Miller’s keynotes are stimulating, insightful, and aimed at making a difference “here-and-now.” He can customize a keynote to address your specific business issues, and also design it to spark the flashes of brilliance you need to move creative ideas into action.



GCC’s workshops help you get to the heart of your own vision and values through stimulating exercises, dialogues, and presentations. You will gain greater insights and enthusiasm for creating new knowledge, stimulating values-centered innovation, and bringing out the creative best in yourself and others – and the momentum to put your new learning to work long-term.



Focus your innovative thinking on real-time challenges. GCC now offers an internet-based assessment of personal innovativeness using the Innovation Styles® Profile developed by William Miller. This "success booster" provides unique benefits to individuals, teams, organizations, external consultants and trainers, and trade-show exhibitors. (To learn more, visit www.innovationstyles.com.)


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